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Kidsciples Bible Club

Thursday night Bible study isn't just for grown ups! We have a super fun Bible Club class for kids too. We all begin together for a time or prayer, worship and singing, then the kids separate into their own class.

During our Kidsciples class, students get to sing fun action songs that teach them basic Bible stories and doctrines, memorize the Books of the Bible and scriptures related to character training, and learn basic, fundamental truths from God's word. The class is geared fro all ages, with older students helping the younger ones in an interactive learning model.

Kidsciples students have the opportunity to earn badges and awards each month, perform songs in church services, and recite scripture they have memorized. We also have small service projects planned as well as class parties for fun and fellowship with likeminded families.

If you'd like to join our Bible club, we would love to have you! Come give it a try on Thursdays at 6:30pm. We are currently meeting at the Kuehn Community center at 2801 S Valley View Road in Sioux Falls. We hope to move to tour new location in Tea by spring time.

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